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Recognizing its role and responsibility in advancing the conversation of racial injustice and social unrest, Rogers Sports & Media is using our compelling sports and media assets to amplify voices that have not always been heard with equal measure. As such, an internal Content Advisory Council was assembled to work with editorial content business owners to develop a new business-wide mandate for advising on programming content.

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Remember 9:29

One year from the day George Floyd was murdered, Rogers Sports & Media presented Remember 9:29 – a powerful celebration of Floyd’s legacy, featuring an ensemble of Black Canadians coming together to share real life perspectives on the Black experience. The feature is exactly 9 minutes and 29 seconds in duration – a crucial reminder of the same time George Floyd suffered on the ground. It is produced in collaboration with Tier Zero, a BIPOC creative agency and production company invested in community and storytelling.

Citytv’s Hudson & Rex; text reads: Meet the Level UP Program Participants

Level UP

The Level UP partnership is a joint initiative between Reelworld and Rogers Sports & Media that provides on-the-ground experience to emerging directors and writers who either identify as Canadian Black, Indigenous or people of colour. The sponsors were Shaftesbury and Pope productions, the producers of the hit Canadian television series Hudson & Rex. Two writers and two directors were given the opportunity to participate in the writer’s room and production set for the television show Hudson & Rex. This is an important first step and opportunity to create a pipeline for racially diverse and emerging writers and directors.

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National Day For Truth and Reconciliation

Runs Through Their Blood TV Series; a parent lifting a child up against a sunrise in the background

September 30th has been historically known as Orange Shirt Day. It is now also known as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, a federally regulated stat holiday. The day honours Residential School survivors, their families and the little children being recovered at Residential School sites across Turtle Island. Citytv presented “Runs Through Their Blood: A Life Impacted”, an emotionally-driven documentary produced out of the Weengushk Film Institute by Indigenous students enrolled in the film school. The film documents the effects of intergenerational trauma through the history of Residential schools, how it is part of the everyday lives of the community, and how a community is moving forward to change.