Remember 9:29

Celebrating the legacy of George Floyd, an ensemble of Black Canadians
come together to share their real life perspectives on the Black experience.

One year from the day George Floyd was murdered, Rogers Sports & Media presents Remember 9:29 - a powerful celebration of Floyd’s legacy, featuring an ensemble of Black Canadians coming together to share real life perspectives on the Black experience.

The feature is exactly 9 minutes and 29 seconds in duration – a crucial reminder of the same time George Floyd suffered on the ground. It is produced in collaboration with Tier Zero, a BIPOC creative agency and production company invested in community and storytelling.

Please consider honouring Floyd’s legacy by donating to the George Floyd Memorial Foundation and The Black Solidarity Fund.

Ignorance in Power
Is the enemy of justice
And no longer can we stand for that which misrepresents us,
Pressing its knee on the windpipe
from that which the voice of a people emanates

Change is not what we see, but how we see it
To make real change,
and rearrange
the structures keeping us in chains
We must change our minds
Through acts of love,
We gotta be it.

Let not the deaths of those who passed
be in vain
Use all of the gifts that our ancestry claims
To realize the dreams of those that died in the name of truth and light
Set out to guide us on the path that was paved
in search of freedom And justice

And no its not a cop going to jail for murder.

– Chris Kaputo @416_blanco